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May 2015 Part 2, June 2015 Part 1 Favorites Review
    So this is a new thing I want to start doing where I make weekly journal entries featuring all of my favorites of that previous week (like if I made one today then it would feature my favorites from last week). Before I start doing it though, I need to start with all of my current favorites so I'm going to be doing one of these every day until I'm caught up, maybe two a day because I do have a goal of when I want to start the weekly features. Each will feature all of my favorites for 1-3 months (depending on how many there are in each month), starting with April of 2015 (when I made this account).
    After I have caught up, I will start doing them every Sunday. I already have a name picked out for this series that I might change because I'm not too sure about it but I'll see what you guys think first. I'm pretty excited about this as I think its going to be a lot of fun. My goal is to help fellow deviants become more noticed by spreading their work around
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hidden places

  Evening Star by Trichardsen Life in a movie by NicoFroehberg
 The edge of night by Trichardsen ...bled XL... by roblfc1892 Aurora borealis by NicoFroehberg
 Arctic lights by Trichardsen 5 by RobHM Vandring by RobHM
 -Opening of the new dimension- by Janek-Sedlar -Forest of rare moments- by Janek-Sedlar The Other Side by Northstar76
 If These Trees Could Talk XXXI. by realityDream Silence by Bomb-Creator Wald #95 by HeikoGerlicher
 Gold season(VII). by Phototubby By Starlight by LG77 Mystic Embrace by FlorentCourty
 Still Got The Blues by Unkopierbar Snow drifts by LinsenSchuss First winter morning by HendrikMandla
 Wald #100 by HeikoGerlicher Botanic garden by ivancoric frozen forest by riskonelook
 - Fairywood in Winter's Realm - by UNexperienced new year's walk by vw1956 Ice Bay by cwaddell
 Unknown Germany pt. CCXXXVIII by TheChosenPesssimist Sunrise by Rizone Chromatic Skies by EtherealSceneries
 Post Light Darkness by Glenn-Crouch Of Tide and DreamFalls by justeline .. by Rizone
 The skeleton of the boat by LinsenSchuss I love the morninglight.............. by Betuwefotograaf The Pedestal by Jordan-Roberts
 Bavella by MarvinDiehl The Highlands Swelling Blue by LordLJCornellPhotos Jura - 697, From down below.... by swissnaturelover
 . : Des Eiskoenigs Schloss : . by PfisterMartin Southafrica by jfphotography Carlin-Park-by-the-Rocks-Before-Sunrise-Jupiter-Fl by CaptainKimo
 When Fall Comes To Colorado by kkart :thumb58832181
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Weather and Sky Month: Conclusion and Winners!
Thank you for joining us at AnimalsPlantsNature for January's Weather and Sky Photography month! Each week we brought you a variety of features, interviews, or tutorials. In case you missed one of the articles, or want to see something again, here is a recap!

Want to get involved in a future themed month? Send a note to the group!

And of course, we held a contest!

There were a bunch of wonderful entries and the judges had a difficult time narrowing it down to three winners, but we did it! For a reminder about what the contest entailed, you can visit this journal:

And now let's announce the winners of
:iconjenfruzz:JenFruzz 6 11
iceland kirkjufell attempt 12 :iconandrekosslick:andrekosslick 42 5 Kurama :iconporbital:porbital 1,660 59
APN Features: Weather and Sky




A Fall Sunrise by kkart 105: Convective Complements by FramedByNature
When Evening Falls by Pajunen
December Sunrise by scotto Orange by m-eralp
Mesmerizing by Trichardsen
:iconyuukon:Yuukon 8 22
Enchanted by the night :iconhendrikmandla:HendrikMandla 265 11
Weather and Sky Month: Intro and Contest Details!
Hello and welcome to AnimalsPlantsNature's next themed month. During the month of January, we'll be showcasing...   
Weather and Sky Photography!
Weather and Sky Photography is an extremely diverse subcategory of APN! Photographs found in this gallery come from around the world and show the beauty, peace, and danger of the world around us whether it be shiny sunsets or ferocious storms. In this subcategory, you'll find any manner of nature photography where the primary subject is the weather or sky, so the focal point should be there! Astrophotography is also included in this spot. The artists who capture photos from this subcategory face obstacles that can be far different from what other photographers face. Colorful aurora borealis, perfectly timed sunrises, or faraway star systems can be difficult to photograph but are well worth the results!
:iconjenfruzz:JenFruzz 10 16
Nature Photography: If I could DD!
Reading the Community Feature Project: If I Could DD! article, I thought it would be a good idea to bring attention to some great photographs that have been posted over the past few month. I ended up taking a select few of my favourites, featured here, and try to break down why they made such an impact on me.
The first image is "m i n n e w a n k a 4810" by pesterle. It was shot at the Minnewanka Lake in Banff National Park, Canada. For me it encompasses everything you think of when you hear British Columbia. There are the Rockies, with the main object/peak well placed on the border to the third on the right of the picture. To the left the landscape flattens into a thick forest. Deep green is prevalent but dotted with the beautiful yellows/oranges of the autumn-colored larkes, which creep all the way up the snow capped mountains an create a spe
:iconeegarim:eegariM 6 14

        It is my sincerest apology that, even though you will find every province and territory of Canada within this feature [before glitch >:c see bottom], I feel I have not properly represented each region to the extent they deserve. To do so would have taken thirteen dedicated journals, outlining the physical and social geography of each. I do hope, however, that it will provide even a small glimpse into the beauty and magic of this country. I myself have not yet had the chance to travel to Canada, though I hope to do so in the future.
        This is a special feature I put together to surprise a good friend of mine, who happens to live in one of these provinces. I wouldn't tell him what theme(s) I had in mind, only that he would love it. C: He genuinely enjoys looking at my features, and for this (and much more) I am supremely grateful. ♥ This is for you.

British Colum
:iconkristenspork:KristenSpork 27 45
And this is another art feature too.

Cloudy with a chance of... by KanammUntitled by michellis13
Crimson Peak by Charlie-BowaterFigure Study by Wildweasel339Steampunk redhead girl by Yuuza
Seelie by ElvenstarArtAfter the Storms by Stuzal
Mains dans les cheveux (wip) by lunedarkThe Wait by chvacher*** by Tarasov
052409 by kristianna11Helis by LinkyQshe by MartaSyrko
Fuzzy Wuzzy by SamanthaPaigeImages
:iconkarinta:Karinta 3 23


Nature's Cauldron
I submitted this one a few days ago. But was not really happy with it. So I tore it down and built it back up again. Now I feel better about it, and myself. Thanks for all the input. And I reached over a 1000 watchers!! So thank you very much!!!
Glacier Road
I haven't put up anything in a really long time. It's been an especially crappy winter. But with Spring around the corner, I start planning all the travel routes I like to take. And this has now included the Icefields Parkway in Alberta Canada. National Geographic has labeled it one of the top ten drives in the world. And its no joke. This place is beyond stellar. 

The APN Guide: Weather and Sky

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 25, 2017, 3:00 AM
Your Home for APN Photography

  Adding a weather element, or sky into a photo can be a no brainer, or a severe challenge. As a primarily landscape oriented photographer, I can't do without either. They are the backbone of any good photo. They set the mood, emotion, and drama to any scene. I won't make this a tutorial in how to set up your camera or anything like that. Given that every scene will have its own set of rules to follow, and challenges to overcome. There is no hard fast rules when it comes to weather. Instead I would like to show a bit of what I look for, how I like to see a scene play out, and what to look for when you head outside. 

  Lets get this out of the way right now. I love clouds... I know that probably sounds pretty dumb, or silly even :o but I really can't look at a photo that does not have some pretty awesome clouds going on. I had a friend in Australia actually buy me a book about clouds cause he thought I was pretty obsessed. I don't care. You have to start looking at clouds differently if you want a really great landscape photo.

Sacred Land by Stuzal Cirrus Reflections by Stuzal  Burning in The Sky by Stuzal

  The best part for me after taking a photo I really have high hopes for, is getting home and putting it through Photoshop. I really am an avid user of PS, and seriously put it through its paces. But if there's one thing I have learned about using software like that, it is infinitly harder to recreate a scene in your mind, out of one you have in your camera. It is always, ALWAYS best  to get the best shot in camera, then try and rely on software to make it "cool". Things have a way of going off the rails fast when you start smudging up a good shot.

  The next part would be the weather element. This is not so easily planned for. You can go out during a storm and get drenched, and have only grey photos. Or you might get lucky and come home with some great lightning shots! I personally like the calm before, and the aftermath. This is where you are going to find those diamonds like rainbows, purple, green clouds, the most remarkable sunsets... Anything is possible after, or before a storm. Always check the forecast before going anywhere. 

Thunderbird by Stuzal  Prairie Storms by Stuzal  

  Last but not least are some compositional tips. Depending on what equiptment you have you can achieve different levels of success. I find my best stuff has been from using a wide angle lens. Like a 21mm. That's my fav! This way you can get some great foreground elements, as well as a foreboding background. Making sure everything is in focus from the front to back in a shot like that is very important. Wide angles are not so great for bokeh shots. You have to take care though, not to make mountains look tiny, or the Grand Canyon not so grand! Sometimes making sure everything gets in the shot is not always the best course either. I have found that using a telephoto of some sort (I use a 200mm) is a great way to add that subtle bokeh, and feature certain aspects of the scene to tell a more delicate story.

The Mists of Hunt Lake by Stuzal  Pisew Falls by Stuzal Frozen by Stuzal

  Any way you like to look at nature. It can be a little rough around the edges. It's your job to find the order and the pleasing nature of it all. Look for lines, designs, reflection. And always have a subject in your mind when you hit the shutter. Even if it isn't immidiately noticible to the viewer. Focus on something you like about the scene, and everything else will fall into place. 



Journal skin by UszatyArbuz
Photo by The-Panic


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Stuart Deacon
Artist | Professional | Photography
I am a travel photographer from Winnipeg. I do a lot of landscape type work, as well as HDR, and wildlife. I dabble in artistic interpretive photography, as well as some photo illustrative stuff.


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